Silvia Vaseva and Evgeni Evtimov
presidents of ES LINE MODELS

Relying on our long lasting experience in the circles of fashion and advertising, we want to break the limits of the thereotype Bulgarian fashion agencies and to offersomething that's really new and that has never been seen before in the fashion branch in Bulgaria.
We have a really impressing catalogue with pets, next to the catalogue with the models. They are often quested to be pictured in bullboards, video clips, TV advertisements, film productions and catalogues.
ES Line Models is concerned mostly with the fashin line, advertising and the show business. The agency organizes the national competition "The Little Stars, for children.
Partners of the agency are leading Bulgarian printed and electronic media, producers houses and music companies, as well as international companies, htat realize a part of their production in Bulgaria. ES Line Models offers a free search of every kind of models, who are related to fashion, advertising, acting adn everything in connection to the big screen. THe internet site is a real meeting between the searched vision of the separate client, who would want to hire a respective model.
Every model has the opportunity to be presented and popilarized with the help of the professional photo session.
It has to be made with quality, style and taste, that is why we insist to wok with one of the best Bulgarian fashin photogoraphers. Fitness Centre KRISTAL - one of the most prestigious in Sofia take care of the beauty, the perfect vision and health of the models in ES Line Models.
The agency offers a professional centre for models, drama lessons and courses in Latino and Arabian dances, for all people at all ages.
ES Line Models works together with the most popular man dace formation "GRANDOS", which is often requested for social events, private parties and TV appearances.
At this very moment we have one office in the center of Sofia and one in the centre of Milan-Italy.
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